Reward Shares Offer Risk Warnings 2022


How much are the shares worth?

The value of the shares is dependent on the performance of the company. At the current time, each share has an estimated value of £5.58. It is important to remember that shares could be worth much more if the company is successful, but they could be worthless if the company fails.

How much do I need to pay for the shares?

Nothing! Moneybox will make all necessary payments for the shares. All we ask is that you keep your pension with us for a minimum of 36 months to retain your shares.

When can I sell my shares?

Moneybox is a private company, which means it doesn’t trade on a stock exchange – this is the case for the majority of companies in the UK and around the world. As a result, you can only sell your shares when a ‘liquidity event’ occurs. A liquidity event occurs when the company is sold or chooses to list on a stock exchange.

When will a liquidity event occur?

A liquidity event is when a company is sold or chooses to list on a stock exchange. There is no set date regarding when or if this will occur. There are no current plans to sell the company or to list on a stock exchange.

Does Moneybox pay dividends?

Moneybox does not currently pay dividends, and there are no plans to start paying dividends.

Can I attend a board meeting?

No. Board meetings are not open to shareholders, as is the case in any public company e.g. Apple or Google.

Will Moneybox issue more shares?

The company is in growth phase and, like many other companies that grow quickly, may decide to raise more funds through both equity (issuing shares) and debt. Issuing more shares would mean that the proportion (percentage) of the company that you own will decrease. We hope that the value of each share will increase to more than offset the drop in proportion, but naturally, as with all investing, there is a risk it will not.

 Can I vote on shareholder resolutions e.g. changing the company name?

By offering shares to our customers, we will likely have a large number of shareholders. This means voting on shareholder resolutions will need to be restricted. Only shareholders with more than 1,000 shares will be able to vote on shareholder resolutions.

Will I be on the shareholders register?

No, your shares will be held by Moneybox Share Nominee Ltd – this is the name that will appear on the list of shareholders. This means that you will still own shares in Moneybox, and you are still the ultimate beneficial owner, but instead of your name on the shares, it will be Moneybox Share Nominee Ltd.