Over the past six months, the whole team have been working hard on a brand refresh for Moneybox. Today, we’re thrilled to finally reveal our new look.  

Back in 2015, we started Moneybox with the ambition of helping everyone save and invest for their future. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to get started, offer products to suit every need, give people the right saving and investing tools throughout their lives, and bring all of this together in a service which is simple, beautiful and enjoyable to use.

We’ve spent a lot of time working on the core features, products and services we offer, including helping you build a deposit for your first home with our Lifetime ISA, save for a holiday with our savings account and plan your retirement with our new Personal Pension. 

Four years into our journey and 300,000 Moneybox users later, we’re so happy to reveal our new and improved brand identity 😎 Make sure you’re on the latest app version to check it out!

We have updated almost 500 screen designs, making this our biggest release since we launched! 🤯 While we might look different, the core functionality of the app has remained the same, so don’t worry – all your savings and investments will be right where you left them and the Moneybox you know and love will still shine through (cue owl celebrating your milestones with fireworks… 🎆).

We’d love you to get involved in the launch by tweeting us @moneyboxteam, and including screenshots of your favourite new app screens! 📸 We’ll see if we can sort you out with some of our brand new swag.  

As you know, we always love hearing from you and want you to be part of our journey, so please get in touch if you have any feedback or questions. Here’s what some of our community have said so far…


“The new design overhaul is simply amazing. Very intuitive and engaging.”

“I like how the animal graphics & animations have seamlessly ‘grown up’ which is rather resemblant on how much Moneybox has achieved and progressed! Love the new app and everything it offers 💪”

“Loving the new look and the illustrations are beautiful.”


Thank you to everyone who has helped us to deliver this brand refresh, we’re so excited to see it come to life and hope you love it as much as we do. 

Here’s to the future. 🚀