Stocks & Shares ISA: Available Cash 

Here’s everything you need to know about Available Cash and what it means for you.


What is Available Cash?

Available Cash enables you to hold cash in your Stocks & Shares ISA. The value of your Available Cash doesn’t change in line with the market and you can invest it whenever you’re ready. 

Money held in Available Cash will earn the interest rate shown in app until you use it to buy investments. You won’t pay fees on the Available Cash in your Stocks & Shares ISA, and it’s FSCS protected up to £85,000. If you want to avoid earning interest on money held in Available Cash, you have the option to switch to a 0% AER version of Available Cash. Just head to Settings > Accounts > Stocks & Shares ISA to switch. Interest on Available Cash is earned daily, and it’s paid into your account at the start of each month.

To withdraw money from your Stocks & Shares ISA to your bank account, your investments will need to be sold to Available Cash first.


Why use Available Cash? 

You can use your Available Cash to buy funds or US stocks whenever it suits you with a one-off buy. And, it also allows Moneybox to offer even more investment choices in the future!

To help you buy funds and US stocks faster, you’ll be able to add cash to your Stocks & Shares ISA instantly with our instant bank transfer feature. An instant bank transfer lets you add £100 or more to your Stocks & Shares ISA outside of the Moneybox weekly collection cycle – and we’ll take you to your online banking to confirm the transfer. 

Once it’s complete, your money will be in your Available Cash in minutes, ready to invest whenever you like.


How to use Available Cash

To add money to Available Cash just go to your Stocks & Shares ISA, tap Available Cash and select Add money. Any money you hold in Available Cash can be used to buy investments outside of our weekly investment cycle.

Or, you can choose to switch your deposits from your investments to Available Cash by going to your Stocks & Shares ISA selecting the three dots in the bottom right, tapping Allocation > Customise allocation > Change to a Starting Starting Option > Save now, invest later


% AER (annual equivalent rate) is the rate you will earn after a year, including compounding. The interest rate may change.

All investing should be long term (min. 5 years). The value of your investments can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invest.