Introducing Moneybox+ partner brands: Sauce Shop & Butternut Box

Obsess over flavour with Sauce Shop and put the food back in dog food with Butternut Box. Shop with them and you’ll get rewards directly into your Moneybox account.

This week’s new offers:

  • 🍶Sauce shop make sauces that taste extraordinary, each ingredient used is selected to enhance what you taste. When you spend £30 they will add £5 into your Moneybox Investment account plus 25% off your first order.
  • 🐶 ButternutBox deliver fresh, home-cooked meals for your dog straight to your door! When you subscribe they’ll add £15 into your Moneybox Investment account, plus 50% off your first 2 boxes.

You’ll find all these offers and more in the Discover tab of the app.

T&C’s apply, see in app for details.