Kickstart the new tax year

The 2024/25 tax year has started, so here’s how to make sure you’re ready to achieve your goals this new tax year.

Review your payment settings

Do you have a weekly deposit? It’s a small thing, but just £10 a week in weekly deposits will mean you’ll have saved an extra £520 in your account by April 2025. Set yourself up to take it a step further with a weekly deposit if you haven’t got one already.


Review settings


Read about ISA changes in the 2024/25 tax year


Make it easier to keep track of your progress

Got an ISA elsewhere? If you do, transfer it to Moneybox to make it easier to see more of your accounts in one place. Plus, we’ve got great rates on our Cash Lifetime ISA and our Cash ISA – so if you’re saving with these accounts elsewhere, compare the rate you’re earning to what we offer.


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Turn on round ups

It’s just your spare change, but much like a weekly deposit – if you haven’t got round ups turned on you’ll be surprised by how quickly it can add up to something incredible. The average Moneybox customer saved £153 with round ups alone in the 2023/24 tax year.


Connect round ups


Work on new goals

Make the 2024/25 tax year your best yet, and start working on new goals to turn your money into something greater. Here are the individual savings accounts (ISAs) Moneybox offers and the different goals we can help you achieve.

Or, why not explore our full range of accounts – not just our ISAs? We’ve got a few to choose from, including a range of savings accounts with different notice periods and interest rates, or our Personal Pension (Pension & tax rules apply.  Capital at risk).


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