Behind the scenes: 20 things we’re looking forward to in 2020!

To kick-start the year we asked the Moneybox team what they are looking forward to in 2020! From growing teams and exciting product innovations to a range of company activities and a possible office move, there’s plenty to fuel an action-packed 12 months.


1. In 2020, I am excited for our customers to have access to exciting new Lifetime ISA tools. These are going to help our users make buying their first home an obtainable goal rather than a distant dream 🔑🏠 – Louisa, Customer Operations 


2. I’m really looking forward to attending more external recruitment events, getting to meet candidates face-to-face and promoting the Moneybox brand across the country! – Chloe, People 


3. Working together to build the UK’s best pension transfer experience, helping our customers bring all their old pension pots together in one place. – Ben, Co-Founder


4. I’m loving our weekly lunchtime Badminton session, so I’m very much looking forward to kick-starting new clubs like: Tennis club and the Foodies club – Mayumi, Graphic Design

5. Taking our QA automation up a notch so we can be more efficient and deliver higher quality products – Adam, QA


6. Having as many people as possible try a day of fasting during Ramadan – it definitely helps those doing it for the whole month get through the long days! – Hash, User Insight


7. A new office space – exciting times ahead! Huge project but will be so worth it. – Salma, Office Coordinator


8. Developing new cool features in the app – 2020 is going to be an amazing year! – Ahmed, iOS 


9. I’m really looking forward to bringing the magic of Moneybox to even more customers (350,000 and counting), winning more awards, launching more products and services (watch this space…), growing our awesome team and generally working at one of the best companies around. – Neil, Growth


10. Surpassing last year’s number of transactions our users rounded up in the app! (In 2019 it was 55 million) – Annie, Marketing 

11. I am excited to kick-start our tech blog! We have brilliant people working on exciting projects and we can’t wait to share it with the world! – Nefeli, People


12. Making 2020 the year we get more women than ever to start investing! – Mille, PR


13. I’m really looking forward to a summer of sport outings with the Moneybox team to watch the wonderful combination of the Euros and the Olympics. Here comes the face paint, the tears, the heartache and joy…and that’s just watching the dressage – Charlie, Co-Founder


14. In 2019, we grew from a team of 35 to 85! In 2020, I’m looking forward to helping the team grow even further to reach 100 employees and beyond. – Jack, People


15. This year I am looking forward to starting my journey in obtaining a compliance-related qualification with the Charted Institute for Securities and Investment. It will help broaden my knowledge in investment compliance and enable me to apply this to experience to my role – Dan, Compliance


16. Launching pension contributions so Moneybox users can build up their nest eggs with Moneybox – Matt, Compliance 


17. I look forward to the introduction of volunteering days for the team and giving back towards good causes – Sam C, Moneybox+


18. Thrilled to have the support from Moneybox to begin my Advanced Motion Graphic course! – Chris, Motion Graphic Design


19. Working in smarter ways to reduce the timeframes it takes to both complete instructions as well as speeding up ways to inform customers about transactions – Jay, Platform


20. We’re looking forward to being a part of the new Retirement team (Pensions 2.0). This is a great idea to bring people from all different departments together as one team to create and build out a fantastic pension product. Lee & Jacqueline, Customer Operations